ReferNet Netherlands
ReferNet Netherlands is the Dutch clearinghouse for vocational education and training information. It's a joint project of ecbo and Cedefop. ReferNet's task is to disseminate VET-related research, policy and news to and from Europe.

Ecbo, the Centre for Expertise in Vocational Education and Training, is the merger of CINOP Expertisecentre and Max Goote Expertise Centre. Its task is to create an effective and efficient VET knowledge infrastructure in the Netherlands. The official launch was in January 2009.

Ecbo seeks to operate as a small-scale, flexible expertise centre that works within a network structure and takes its lead from the VET sector.

Ecbo is conducting a research programme that will generate knowledge to benefit vocational education and training (VET) in the Netherlands. The programme has been developed in close collaboration with the Programme Council, which directs the programme. Headed by an independent chairperson, the Programme Council is made up of representatives from the MBO Council and Colo.

Ecbo programme leaders manage the research programme and are responsible for the different programmes. Five programme lines have been identified for 2009:

  • VET and the knowledge economy
  • Lifelong learning
  • Effective VET
  • Policy, administration and organisation
  • VET as a chain